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    The CNG industry keeps growing! It creates jobs and encourages spending which boosts the economy all while using American fuel. Read More
  • Growing demand

    American interest in CNG is booming with CNG costs about 50% less than gasoline or diesel, emitting up to 90% fewer emissions.Read More
  • The full package

    From start to finish ZeitEnergy provides Consulting, Design, Construction, Maintenance, Fueling Contracts, and FinancingServices
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Whether you’re a first time buyer or an experienced CNG veteran, ZeitEnergy has the expert knowledge needed to match your needs to the best solution for a price that fits your budget. We can meet in person, or via the web.

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For our customers that prefer to utilize their existing sub contractor relationships to perform non-CNG related work, ZeitEnergy is available to act as either General Contractor or Project Manager for new station construction

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Our proprietary maintenance programs help you save money and maximize efficiency. Our services include complete equipment overhaul, CNG dispenser calibration and certification, and CNG dryer regeneration.

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