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ZeitEnergy - New CNG station Implementations Consultation


Whether you’re a first time buyer or an experienced CNG veteran, ZeitEnergy has the expert knowledge needed to match your needs to the best solution for a price that fits your budget. Depending on your needs, we can meet in person, via the web, or both.

For new station implementations, our process starts with an intensive analysis of your fueling needs. This includes a full site evaluation to determine whether your land is appropriately sized, up to code, and has the required gas pressure available. We can also advise you on permitting issues. From there, we work with you to develop the performance specification of your fueling station. In cases where there are legacy specifications, ZeitEnergy can assist you in reviewing and updating them to conform to any issues that were identified in the analysis process.

Once your needs are determined, our next step is to identify the available local, state, and federal grants and tax incentives that your station qualifies for. These grants and incentives have increased substantially in recent years as governments move towards more environmentally friendly alternatives to gasoline and diesel. We will assist you in compiling qualified bidder lists, evaluate proposals, and select the appropriate vendors. Finally, we stay involved in the post selection and construction process seeing you all the way to a successful project completion.

ZeitEnergy : Gas station equipment supplier in Unites States


ZeitEnergy offers our clients the most flexible CNG construction services in the industry with all three established arrangements for building CNG fueling stations. Our construction manager is one of the most experienced professionals in the industry having supervised the construction of dozens of CNG stations across the United States.

Construction Management

For our customers that prefer to utilize their existing sub contractor relationships to perform non-CNG related work, ZeitEnergy is available to act as either General Contractor or Project Manager for new station construction. Our team can handle all the CNG specific construction work and permitting tasks if requested.

Turn-Key Construction

For our customers who want to own their fueling station and have a single vendor relationship, ZeitEnergy provides complete turn-key construction services. This includes: design and engineering, selecting and managing sub-contractors, all permitting, procurement, and training.

CNG Filling Machine : ZeitEnergy


CNG fueling equipment is highly technical and requires a very high level of proficiency on the mechanical side as well as on the electronic control side. All stations have different operating characteristics and special training and experience are crucial to ensuring that CNG systems operate properly. A well maintained CNG station can save time, reduce operational costs and improve efficiency.

At Zeit Energy we have the experience and the expertise necessary to provide you with top notch maintenance services and maintain your CNG equipment in a perfect condition

Our Service Mission Statement:

To ensure that our customers experience a smooth and reliable CNG station operation through the highest level of technical expertise and service commitment.